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Rubens Meets Miami Vice: The Art of the Sting

For BBC/Bravo original TV documentary "The Rubens Robbers" about the armed recovery of Rubens's painting "Aurora" in Miami Beach with Charles Scribner undercover, click link:

for Sky TV documentary 'Miami Sting: The Art of the Heist' via YouTube, click link:


for live Met Museum lecture, via YouTube, click link:


for published talk, via Scrib'd, scroll down to link:


Rubens Meets Miami Vice

An undercover assignment by the Feds to trap art smugglers with a stolen Rubens in South Beach, Miami--'the greatest Walter Mitty adventure of my lifetime' on link below:

Met Lecture [YouTube]

The original public lecture at the Met Museum, 2009, on this caper, click on below link: